Created by Richard Barber on 8 March, 2018

Hello Everybody.. I want to know how to use V-Ray to make some Photo-realistic Renderings for example Pizza or some other complex shape food..

1st of All I'm a Professional User at SOLIDWORKS Visualize Pro.
which is a Professional Rendering Software..
but I heared from one of my friends that V-ray gonna be helpful in make rendering for foods also even other things as It's the most developed rendering software..

1 Answer

First of all, that rendering is terrible...
Look at the edges of the pizza slice, I can cut my finger on that sharp edge!

To get a more realistic rendering, you should start with the model itself.
SolidWorks is - definitely - not the best software for food designing (or anything organic), so you've got to start learning another software that is more specialized in modelling such shapes.