Created by Richard Barber on 8 March, 2018

Rendering in Solidworks

I am trying to render my modeks using Photoview360 in SW. I tried many options but I cannot get the shiny texture as I see in many people. I tried the highest resolution setting and nothing. I always have grainy structure. I cannot get shiny floor also. Any suggestions? Maybe I am not seeing any option? Or I should use other software? Or any good tutorial?

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Hey, Shlomo.

I think, I might be able to help you for rendering using SolidWorks, if you can tell me about the steps you are following to setup the environment/model in PhotoView 360. Also, if you can share those 'grainy' renders here.

BTW those Pilot V5 render is super great and Measuring Tape renders is nice.
I am not sure yet, if 'grains' that you mentioned are caused by bad-rendering setup or is due to some hardware/software limitation.

---------------------------MAIN OBSERVATION BELOW-----------------------------------

(----See attached picture----) I was going through your profile and saw this "tiled-floor" reflection on the Coffee maker model. And strangely the floor is not rendered that way. So, here I am guessing some setup fault probably - like you are not using the Environment in render settings.