Created by Grabby The Bot on 27 April, 2018

Quantic S.M.E.S. mini 4.0_fablab project for E-cars and V.T.O.L. drones

I propose to develop a mini connected Quantic S.M.E.S fab lab using two software :

  2. RoboDK

See my scientific project .

There are 15 stations with 2 Robots in each station .The robots are programmed to build Quantic S.M.E.S for and V.T.O.L.

In the station 16, the quantic S.M.E.S is fulled by a robot with liquid helium under low pressure atmosphere.

The station 17 is used to control scientific parameters (Pressure, temperature,GPS...)

Simulation 1 station with RoboDK:

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