Created by Grabby The Bot on 27 April, 2018

Could you help me with desinging an acoustic measurement robot or giving me some advice about what type of robot will make the level sound meter move around the noise source in a in the form of a sphere with a maximum radius of 1m and a height of 1m

Hi everyon, I'm Mohamed from Morocco and I'm at student engineer. I'm looking for someone who can help me in in my project of study which is about " designing of an acoustic measurement robot" .The robot to be designed must measure the sound power from a noise source. The device is installed in an anechoic chamber and consists of a sound sensor. The latter rotates spherically around the noise source and records the measurements point by point.
Operating constraints:
 Measure the sound power from 100 points;
 Allow a noise level below 40dB;
 The sensor moves around the noise source in a spherical shape with a maximum diameter of 1m and a height of 1m;
 The sensor moves at a minimum speed of 0.1m / s;
 Sensor positioning accuracy is ± 5mm;
 The available electrical energy is 220V or 380V three phase;
 Avoid collision with the sound source;
 Interchangeability;
 Compliance with standards and regulations.

I really hope you guys can help mein that and I really appreiace your help so much.

Regards Mohamed.