Created by Grabby The Bot on 27 April, 2018

What programming languages are emerging in robotics ?

I am familiar with the C/C++ approach to embedded engineering for robotic controllers, but also am aware of PLC, LabView, C#, and CVI, but I am hearing more that Java, HTML, Python approaches are emerging.

Where do you see the programming languages for robotics industry morphing into ?

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I have see microPython before, but is it really that popular ?

I also found one called Zenith :

and one called Pymite :

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Great question. Depending on the area of robotics, I'd expect the language preference to be a bit different. Certainly hobby, and mobile robots seem to lean toward C/C++ and Python for custom development. Python is really handy, not the fastest, but if you are looking to integrate ROS, Tensorflow, etc. Python is great to prototype.