Sheet Metal Design

Created by Kyle Oickle on 19 June, 2018


I want find development of a torispherical dish in solidworks.

and validate that with manual calculation.

can any one help out to how i can make torispherical head or find its development on sheet-metal part. 

i am tried it on sheet metal but not able to get same shape.

i made it in solid part modeling and try to get development on flat surface command but there i am not getting data.

Do = 2500 

KR = 0.1Do 

SF = 50 

t = 25 

DH = 0.1935Do – 0.455t = 472.375 

THi = SF + DH

Do = external head diameter 

SF = straight flange height 

Di = internal head diameter 

DH = depth of dishing 

CR = crown radius 

THi = total internal head height 

KR = knuckle radius 

t = wall thickness

link for manual calculating blank dia.