Sheet Metal Design

Created by Kyle Oickle on 19 June, 2018

I need sheet metal for molds, anything from dog house, igloos, granny houses, 2 bedroom homes, then larger


I have CADs attached but need more. I need someone to print/cut/weld sheet metal sections from hexagonal 10 cm diameter sections for geodesic-domes (igloos, two-three shells with holes on top to pour clear epoxy resins for acrylic dwellings), cranes to lift molds, deliver units to land/parcels, machines for camper utilities, some for 100% recycling, furniture, etc. Please see attached. I need good, smart, cheap labor, cheap land for plants, anywhere in the world, we can sell in bulk on alibaba, craigslist, or joint affiliate network with multi-tier,

foreign, cheap and competitive, rated escrow, claims adjusting, risk assessment superior service, etc. PLEASE LET ME KNOW.