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Created by CAD CAM Learning on 25 November, 2020

Is there any way of modifying one or more dimensions of a part within an Assembly without modifying the original part?

I've made myself a generic t-slot part with a nominal length of, say 100mm. I understand that I can reuse that 100mm part multiple times withing an assembly.

I would like to use t-slot to build a frame for a project and there will be multiple t-slot parts of varying length.

Can I import the 100mm long part and then make it longer or short without modifying the original part?

I've tried the Feature Library but that does not seem to work with a sketch of the profile and if you put the whole part into the library the base plane is required but none of the other dimensions are editable. I don't think that the feature library was designed to do what I want.

Any ideas?

1 Answer

Found a way to do it using a 3D sketch. See here: