SOLIDWORKS Design & Help

Created by Angel Ramirez on 9 March, 2018

Announcement: Exxar is now a SOLIDWORKS Certified Solution Partner. Looking for VR/AR Enthusiasts.


I am excited to announce that Exxar ( has achieved the SOLIDWORKS Certified Solution Partner level.

A BIG thanks to the SOLIDWORKS user community for loving our technology & coming up with cool new use cases (! Thanks to our partners who have been instrumental in getting the word around on Exxar and working closely with users. And finally Thanks to the SOLIDWORKS partner management team for helping us with this evaluation.

I am looking for VR/AR enthusiasts to work closely on improving their design reviews & reduce engineering rework. If you have any questions related to implementation of Digital Transformation at your organization, you can sign-up for a FREE 15-minute consulting session with me.

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