SOLIDWORKS Design & Help

Created by Angel Ramirez on 9 March, 2018

Can someone help please

Dimensions for all the parts in the assembly have been provided below. All dimensions are in inches.
Please note the following:
• Use Solidworks to make the assembly
• You are not required to make any threads for any of the parts.
• Make assumptions for any missing dimensions.

• Zip folder with all part, assembly and drawing files.
• Pdf with the following:
• Screenshots of all the parts in isometric view
• Screenshot of the assembly in isometric view
• Proof of interference check
• Create an exploded view drawing with BOM and Balloons.
• you need to get a drawing for the total assembly along with the exploded view and BOM.. need
screen shots of the dimensions of EACH part shown in the screen shot,

2 Answers

How much do you pay for this job ?

I have completed the part design and its assembly. For drawings, It can be done easily. If you are interested, you can dm me.