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Created by Angel Ramirez on 9 March, 2018

How to draw on the surface of airfoil?

I want to make modifications on the surface of airfoil but i am unable to select the surface and draw on it. Specifically i want to make a hemi ellipsoidal cuts on the surface of the airfoil.

2 Answers

What you need is a plane that, basically, parallels the air foil (DELETE.png). You sketch on that plane. Draw the shape you want (DELETE2.png). Then extrude the cut through the part - up, down, or in both directions (DELETE3.png and DELETE4.png).

If you are trying to make dimples like a golf ball has, I can only show you the crude way. The cuts will not be true hemispheres and I'm sure there is a better way than this.

On the plane parallel to the surface, draw a pattern of circles (DELETE.png). Use this sketch to make a split line on the face (DELETE2.png). Select the Insert->Features->Dome button and pick some of the circles (1), give it a depth for the dimples (2), and flip the direction button (3) (DELETE3.png and DELETE4.png).