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Created by Angel Ramirez on 9 March, 2018

How to replace a virtual component in a SolidWorks assembly

I have a very simple assembly, imported from a step file. It is called BOX. I would like to replace an internal subsassembly, called TOP, with another, already existing subassembly. For virtual components, REPLACE COMPONENT is dimmed.

1 Answer

open the .stp file, "Dissolve Features" save as SolidWorks file.
right click the part / sub-assembly save (in external file) or open it and do "save as" make sure you save the top assembly and your part is not virtual anymore and should be replaceable .
Virtual means that the part / assembly file is attached inside of the top assembly file, so you only have one file instead of all components files. makes the design simpler at the concept stage, but if you planning on making drawings you need to save the components to their own separate files. also working with virtual components makes your assembly little bit less stable