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Created by Angel Ramirez on 9 March, 2018

Please I need help modeling a PET bottle in Solidworks.

Hello everyone,

I attached the picture of a bottle I want to model. I can do the basic aspects like revolve and extrusions but I have problems with these issues:

1. The patterns on the bottle. I honestly have no clue how I can get the model to look exactly like the picture.

2. The dimensions. Are there standards for dimensioning PET bottles or do I keep making adjustments until I get the required capacities? 50cl and 75cl

Thank you.

Accepted answer

Here is a 3D of your bottle. I did it using the solid mode (solidworks 2016).
Really fast and simple to made. When you will found out how the patterns were made, you will feel like it's easy too.
Then about dimensions i just used my 75cl sport bottle as model. So the capacity is almost the same (+/-5Cl).

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