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Created by Angel Ramirez on 9 March, 2018

Solidwork best processor

I’d like to ask for an opinion.
I am thinking of buying a used Z600 workstation and I am undecided on which one will be the best.
I work with 3D modeling, but I don’t want to be limited if in the future you need to run a simulation or rendering.
The options are:
Dual xeon E5640; Dual xeon X5570 and Dual xeon L5640.
I know that L5640 has less clock, but in turn has more cache.
Sopor obviously that Ram is the same in all and with SSD.
The graphics card has a choice between Quadro K2200 or Quadro M5000

Accepted answer

Xeons are poor value for SolidWorks. For 3D modelling the performance is dominated by the single thread capability of the processor. The below benchmark is reasonably accurate at predicting peformance in Solidworks (at least for Intel, not sure about AMD).

Those Xeons will give SolidWorks performance comparable to an entry level laptop.

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