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Created by Usman Akhtar on 7 March, 2018

Help me to draw 3D model from orthographic projection

Hello guys, recently I downloaded a very useful book from this site.
(PDF) Example 3D drawing (250 pcs) for beginners.

However, I am having a little problem with the first drawing on second page.

I simply cannot imagine a solid object and therefore draw it. Since I am just a beginner, my spacial orientation is quite poor at the moment, so I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this so I can improve my skills!

Accepted answer

Hola, espero te sirva. Para mi gusto a ese plano le falta una vista pero entiendo que es algo asi. No me queda claro el cruce entre el R4 y el R20 segun la imagen pero algo asi es.

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good work