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Created by Usman Akhtar on 7 March, 2018

If you have a way to become a professional at SolidWorks.tell me

Im Beginner

2 Answers

Hello Bro..
I'm Ahmed Elprince CSWP & CSWP-MM..
Preparing to be CSWE at the near future.
SOLIDProfessor is the best ..
-it's a paid online Learning website also one of the best Technical supports for SOLIDWORKS..
-Also it Prepare you for the SOLIDWORKS CERTIFICATIONS
-Website Link
-There's an offer for 1 Month for free (only take 1$ from your credit card)
Offer Code is REMOTE word in Capital letters.
I hope you Enjoy

If you're looking at learning the basics in SolidWorks watch this to begin with before going to complex stuff: