Stratasys FDM 3D Printing

Created by Stratasys on 18 May, 2018

Hey All,

What do you all y'all do with used-up modeling bases. Here in Minneapolis, black plastic no matter the type isn't recyclable. So, even if it has the recycling symbol, if it's black it goes to landfill. I'm not sure the ABS trays are recyclable anyway, but some places do regrind ABS.

I use "first layer model material" after my bases are fairly worn and the soluble support doesn't stick well. But, even after a while of doing that, I'm sitting on a bunch of used trays that I don't want to just landfill. I'm trying to think of alternate uses for them. My first idea is to make a number of "milk crate" boxes for the shop: one on each side screwed into a simple wood frame for storing all sorts of parts. Maybe a shelf for holding spools?It would be good to design a printed bracket that picks up on the model base hold-down tab geometery. Say, like corner brackets that snap on to attach one modeling base to another.

Anywho, I'm staring at a pile of modeling bases that I don't want to throw out and was wondering if anyone has come up with something do do with them. Design Challenge!