Stratasys FDM 3D Printing

Created by Stratasys on 18 May, 2018

Could you help me out, how to apply the supports for this part?

For utilizing the lockdown period, I started to learn 3d printing slicing software.
while working I am stuck with applying supports, Please help me put.

1 Answer

Can you clarify what's getting you stuck? Supports are applied when you hit the "Print" button or export as a CMB, and you can see what they will look like by entering Slice Preview in the upper right corner.

If you mean that you're having trouble getting the supports to be generated in such a way that they're easy to remove, then I'm not sure this is going to be possible for this part. Since the hole through the center is round, and there are two holes at a right angle, there's no orientation that doesn't put support material through the middle of at least one of them.