Stratasys FDM 3D Printing

Created by Stratasys on 18 May, 2018

Early Stratasys F270 print head failure?

Hi. We have been running an F270 for a few years. It has become very, very difficult to load new spools of material due to timeout errors. We can live with timeout errors. Now the situation has deteriorated.

Recently the print jobs fail at material change-over. After the full spool successfully loads, the F270 goes back to printing but appears to not fuse the first few layers with the previously printed surfaces. The result is a part that falls apart at the material swap layer when the print job is complete.

Print heads are < 1500 hours.

Any thoughts? Replace the material print head ($900) early?

We have lost 3 spools of material this week due to print job failures.

Has anyone else experienced this type of failure?