Technical Drawing/Drafting

Created by cmalco on 12 March, 2018

Has anyone else noticed the down turn of the use of drafting standards?

I came from a background of machine building and we used ANSI Y 14.5 so much i knew it better than my own address. My current position is much more lax on drafting standard and lately I've noticed a huge downturn on using them I see two factors contributing to this, the first is lack of education. We recently hired a 4th year engineering student and he was not exposed to standards and barely exposed to CAD. Its been an uphill battle but I think hes catching on to the basics. The other factor is several of our vendors prefer the 3D model to import in to their programming software and use the model as the control and not the print. Besides driving me nuts this is very troublesome when it come to GD&T information that is not translated to the model. Further more many of these vendors use the model in their CMM and essentially disregard the print.