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Created by Tommy Mueller on 20 August, 2019

Hope everyone has been enjoying working with the Unreal Engine…

...cause it’s about to get a bit more enjoyable!

Epic has renewed for another year the FREE Marketplace content!!

If you’re just getting into the UE4, this is awesome news.

Beginning now on the first Tuesday of every month (use to be on the first of the month), the new free content roles out and this months selection is phenomenal and is valued at $260!! Additionally, more “Permanently Free” content for your UE4 projects has been added!


Modular Seaside Town

A collection of quality, modular brick and wood structures with colorful foliage, beautiful and customizable translucent water surface for your project. Includes number of top quality, carefully crafted meshes with customizable shaders and high resolution textures. Most materials have in-engine vertex paintable features like wetness, moss coverage and color variation, all customizable to suit your project. If required, buildings can be created with enterable interiors. Includes a demo map of a small run-down town.

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Mesh & Actor Placement 4.0

Use the Blueprints to make stairs, columns, bridges, buildings, pipes, cables and many more. Use the complex version of the Blueprints to add multiple meshes and random modifications.

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Ocean Floor Environment

Contains five rock meshes that makes use of displacement and tessellation, they also come with material instances to adjust the sand amount on top of them. All vegetation is paintable using vegetation tools. Terrain material has parallax enabled and contains two layers (just 6/16 texture samplers). Plane and submarine wreckage has instanced materials which you can adjust the algae and sand amounts. The eel is a skeletal mesh and has three animations while the fish schools use the particle system.

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Ballistics FX

If you are making a game in unreal 4 there is a reasonable chance you may at some point feature projectile weapons. Irrespective of your games genre (first/third person, RTS, adventure, anything!) when a projectile impacts something at high speeds you will invariably need impact particle effects.

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Interactive Lights System

Interactive Lights System (ILS) allows you to control when or how lights are switched on or switched off within a certain area. Add interaction to your projects quicker by dragging and dropping Blueprints into levels. Prototype light behavior in your games or architectural visualizations with ready to use examples.

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ALSO, here's the link to check out the full “Permanently Free” collection


Just as a reminder:

To add this content:

  1. Open your Epic games launcher
  2. Navigate to this Marketplace content
  3. Add to cart and voilà!