ZBrush & Plugin Group

Created by Ananth Narayan on 10 December, 2019

Hello Member, I whole heartily welcome you to this group " ZBrush & Plugin Group ". Here you can post you recent sculpt, renders and other techniques, tips regarding sculpting, rendering and other plugin related to ZBrush. As concerned with sculpting, ZBrush one of the popular sculpt software, and ZBrush 2020 has great cool features. The sculpt may vary from small ring to gigantic human models, buildings, creatures design. It also has an option of rigging, animating.

Power of ZBrush: Hope everyone love Groot character from Guardians of Galaxy, which was created, rigged in ZBrush.

Also Thanos from Avengers was sculpted in ZBrush.

Guys these are very few samples and there is much more.

Happy Learning. Thanks for your time.