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We’re saying goodbye to Workbench on June 1, 2023. Read details here

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Users have the following project roles:

Assigned roles

Project Owner

Can invite other users and change existing user roles. Can create and manage all Partner Spaces.


Full access to project and existing Partner Spaces but cannot manage users or create new Partner Spaces.


Comment and view files only with no permission to download or upload. No access to Partner Spaces unless added as Partner.

Implied Roles

Collaborator (Common Parts Library)

All activated users on the account are given Collaborator access to Common Parts Library projects.

Project Owner (Account Admin)

The Account admin has Project Owner permissions on all projects in the account, but only projects where they have been added as a Collaborator or Project Owner will appear in their Workbench Desktop App.

Note: If a user has both an assigned role and an implied role, the list on the right will show whichever has greater permissions.

We’re saying goodbye to Workbench on June 1, 2023. Read details here




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We’re saying goodbye to Workbench on June 1, 2023. Read details here
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We’re saying goodbye to Workbench on June 1, 2023. Read details here
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Introducing partner spaces

Partner Spaces lets teams easily release designs to manufacturers, send designs for quoting from vendors and suppliers, and get feedback from customers.

Get Started with Partner Spaces

  • Add a file to a Partner Space by clicking on File Options or right-click on a file and select 'Add to Partner Space'.
  • Add your external partners like manufacturers, suppliers, or customers. Your partners will only have access to what is in the Partner Space.
  • Use multiple Partner Spaces to manage different groups.
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