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Created by Emil Pop on 13 April, 2018

Working in an interdisciplinary quest on a project becomes frustrating when you realize you know some thing extremely well, you know some others fairly well, and for certain things you are simply not cut off to deal with.

For me such thing is coding, understanding where I have to write and what in order to get my desired result.

It ain't working with my brain.

I can do CAD all day long, fell fine, I can visualize the end result in my head and work my way through the computer commands until I see the exact same thing on the screen.

I can fabricate anything I conceive, I can visualize the end result in my head and work my way through the metal, plastic, timber, glass and their individual mechanic and termical properties, and cut them to size and shape, drill, weld, thread, bolt together, and in the end I get the exact machinery as visualized in my brain, working almost perfect, and after some fine tuning, working as I imagined it.

I can combine the two above and get things designed in CAD than 3D printed and fitted together with other parts I make in the garage where I have tools to open a business with 10 workers, and come out with magnificent machinery doing and performing neat.

I am instead fairly good with electrics and electricity, still doing OK, but down to electronics I am getting a bit of a headache. Transistors, thermistors, diode, capacitors, resistors, circuitry, I know them all from school, and I daily mess with them, cabling included, but is not a thrill, not for me.

When it comes to coding... nope, not my brain, I was not wired this way.

Who of you is born to code and want to team up doing some weird things here, let me know, than we shall help the community make some progress with the packages we can put together.