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Created by Emil Pop on 13 April, 2018

FLSUN Creality 300x300x400 printing cube upgraded and impoved with a hacksaw.

Observation, this GrabCad groups would not allow me to upload a video, so pictures should do.

Facebook link here to the video https://www.facebook.com/silverplanklogis/videos/311447926286235/

Basically the whole engineering is of amateur level. Feeble and sloppy design, cables short 300 mm dropping in the printing cube area risking to hook the printed parts and tear them down.

I am now modifying it to make it fit for purpose, new cable management system, supports, spacers, will soon be ready to test.

The things I am adding are at least for my world, just common sense improvements

New cable management system

I just had to extend all cables for nozzle extruder heater, temperature probe, extruder fan, extruder end of line sensor, auto alignment sensor with 300 mm each because they are too short to follow a logical out of printing area path, they can only hang as they are in diagonally over printing area, hitting the printed object.


he display belongs on top bar, but that requires 1100 mm long data cables, while now it is only 600 mm long and I can only place it on the front bar, not good.

I need the 2 gray data cables that lead to the screen 500 mm longer so I can place the screen on the top bar not on the side bar, they are some 600 mm now, they need to be 1100 mm long.

New supports to take the cable management system in position, I simply chopped with the hacksaw some aluminum plate I have from scrap, but it works nice.

I also need to replace the 4 allen key round head bolts of the heated plate that are protruding up, with sunk head allen key bolts