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Created by Emil Pop on 13 April, 2018

Is there anyone else like me that is investing his time and money on spincasting technology to produce mechanical product made by poliurethane castable resin ? Costs are very low and production is ten time faster then 3d printing technology

it start from the customer CAD model (or your own model)

then I print the SLA model with a 3D printer and I put it inside the rubber,

I keep the mold inside a vulcanizator for 2 hours and then I'm ready for the production process

this is the rubber mold (Ø300mm) after the vulcanitation;

I can realize very hard undercuts thanks to the elastic properties of the rubber.

the number of products I can make with a single mold depend on the dimensions of the master you put inside, in this case i have six masters and the production is over 250 pieces;

the time in this case is 6 pieces in less than 4 minutes, but it depend on the material used for the process.

there're thousands parts I can make with different color and mechanical propertie.

with also metal threaded insert or co-molding parts

here some exemples of parts made with this technology:

here with a different colour

I hope that someone else can help me if knows more techniques to make it better

at the moment I'm spending all the time to make parts for packaging machines and automotive company that needs first low productions series just to check and studies the design and best ergonomic shapes for his parts.

thanks to everyone, I'm open to some advices and smart ideas, cheers