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Created by Emil Pop on 13 April, 2018

When I started this group it was in my mind for a small dedicated comunity of tinkerers, I was hoping around 400 to 600 to join and we shall talk about how to tinker on our printers amd make them do things better tha as per the kit we have bought.

Today I find myself in front of a 5000 people army eager to learn from eachother. But no teachers.

You are the teacher my friend, I bet you have had your own share of headache with learning about your machine, improving your machine, and enhancing your skills of tinkering with the slicer to match your needs on your machine.

Share that knowledge here please, it might help the others.

Asking questions is not enough if nobody answers them, and I cannot do them all, moderate, answer all questions and live my off line life too, you know, the one that puts bread on my table for the family.

So in order to benefit from bening memebers of this group, ask questions plese, but above all answer questions, and if nobody is asking your question that you can answer, make a tutorial and post it here, maybe somebody actually has that issue but have no idea they have an issue, they thing it is normal that way.

And never forget; have some fun in life, including with 3D printers or being members of this group.