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Created by Abe Gladstone on 15 February, 2018

Dear all,

As mentioned in an earlier topic, the most of you are willing to use their 3d-printers to help the hospitals and other medical facilities in the war against the corona virus. I had the following points (And if you have any, please place them in the comments!!!!):

-As mentioned by some people, 3D-printing for medical usage isn't well investigated. The thing what the italians did by printing the valves , is quite dangerous since the we don't know what kind of gasses leave the material when under pressure. If you really want to help the medical staff of your country: The most have a shortage in Safety Glasses, surgical masks and Gloves. For the safety glasses i am already working on a design, but please feel free to do things yourself

-In many countries are so called Hackerspaces, where they have 3D-printers, lasercutters and other kind of technologies. Connect with them, so that medical facillities don't need to contact 25 individuals when they need a simple part for printing. There are also many websites now where you can mention that you want to help with your 3D-printer.

-Please listen to your local goverment. Yes, I know we hate them sometimes, but during these times we need to cooperate with each other, and not fight against each other.

Stay safe and Healthy