3D Printing Group

Created by Abe Gladstone on 15 February, 2018

Hey everyone,

Thought this group would be interested in the 3D printing design challenge we just posted. It's hosted by Stratasys and offers over $16,000 in prizes.

This challenge allows for you to utilize GrabCAD Print to prepare a model that utilizes the multi-material capabilities of the Stratasys J750 to produce something realistic.

You can check out the Challenge here - https://grabcad.com/challenges/make-it-real

They are really looking for some creative submissions that utilize multi material and multiple colors to show realism in their model. I think this Group should have more than enough capable people to compete!

Here is an article on the challenge as well - https://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2019/1/9/make-it-real-challenge-is-open-for-impactful-3d-print-design

Good luck!