Created by Kesa on 12 September, 2018

Using Blender for Architecture and Interior Design / Furniture Design


I'm Nei and I used to work with Interior Design using a different and more simple software for about 7 years, and I was thinking to upgrade my skills to 3D Max for better presentation than the ones I used to do. It's turned out that I actually never made it to study on it, and recently I've discovered Blender - Was spellbound by the features (and the price!) - and started to dig deep in tutorials across the web. So it looks like I'm getting some results. Still got loads of things to learn and improve on it. It is proven, though, that is possible to apply Blender for interior design drawings.

I'd like to know if we have more people here working on these segments using Blender.

Also I've noticed that is there no Architecture / Interior Design groups on GrabCAD.

I've just arrived few weeks ago, and for me it looks like is more CAD-for-engineering-focused, is it?