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Created by Ananth Narayan on 8 March, 2018

Best wat to create thick surface from offset

I run into this problem a lot. When trying to create a thick surface to the convex inside of a organic shape I can only create as thick as the smallest radii will allow. To get around this, I offset the surface, clean it up and try to cleanly connect them to make a solid. This get's cumbersome on complex parts. Any ideas on how to best accomplish this. See the attached pic. Thanks!

1 Answer

We exchanged a couple comments about this in another Question you posted.

One surface method you might want to try is to model your surfaces with sharp corners (as Mr Lion suggested) and then try the ThickSurface. Round off the corners later.

Jeffery, you mention "organic shapes" in your question, but all your questions show pictures of parts with flat faces, which are much easier to model with the solids modeling tools in the Part Design workbench. Could you show us a picture of what you consider "organic shape"