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Created by Ananth Narayan on 8 March, 2018

How to make a ratchet mechanism simulation in catia v5

I am trying to make a ratchet mechanism simulation but in my case the gear rotating all the time even if the pin touches the gear,
but want to stop the rotation when it's collides with the pin.

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Hi Muthu,

I hope my take on this will help you.
Firstly I do not know of a collision dependent simulation in Catia is possible so I would create a sequence from few independent simulations of the ratchet spinning and the tongue pivoting somehow, then splice and time them to visually please the desired mechanism, though I'm not so sure that this will achieve the desired outcome. The main reason for the skepticizam is that Catia is not designed to do this type of simulation.
(If you are not acquainted with sequences in Catia I would suggest you to see few tutorials and get a general direction.)

Hope you make it work!


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