Conversions and converters

Created by Emil Pop on 7 March, 2019

I have noticed that this group although not very specialised hence not narrow minded, has gathered some 20 users in a month, some other groups have done better, whilst others less better, so we shall say it is an average rate of growth.

But there is nobody posting, asking for help, offering tutorials, nothing.

And that is a bit sad, you guys out there have nothing to do?

Bump into nothing?

Have no needs?

Are you mega CAD gods mastering them all?

In such case could you spare a minute to advise others out of your magnitude?

Yes I can be sarcastic, and ironic, and satiric, so get moving,

Have you a question? ASK!

Have you a problem, explain it!

Have you got friends and contacts, invite them in.

The purpose of this group is to be dynamic, not static, and dynamic involves you acting in your best interest or by passion or both.

Better if both.