Design of Toys

Created by Gyanjeet Raj on 3 August, 2018

Hello Friends!!!

Hope you are doing well and keeping good health.

Following is the link to a Google form that I have created to perform a survey for my Thesis work; which is titled as - Application of 3D Printing in Mass Customization of Toy Industry

Currently the questionnaire is focused on understanding the preferences and patterns within India. It will take few minutes of your time to fill the form and help me to get a better picture of the concerned industry.

I request you all to kindly fill the Google form and share it with your friends and family too

For users from outside India, your feedback is important for the thesis work. Kindly connect through suitable channel and I will send you a PDF copy of the questionnaire for suggestions.

Feedback and suggestions regarding the work are most welcome.

Thank you for your support😊