Drones Design

Created by Yasser Mohamed on 28 April, 2018

I took some classes on the fundamentals on Unmanned Aerial Systems, Aerospace engineering, Advanced Manufacturing methods. I actually have a few certificates in Unmanned Aerial Systems from MIT. Was wanting to know if anyone is interested in collaborating together to build a sUAS.

I was thinking of a gas powered coaxial drone sUAS for use in agriculture, surveying, aerial photography etc. I was thinking of a airframe of something that had 1-2 hour flight time with onboard hard drives, computer where a user could configure the sUAS for the particular mission. Like plug and play a thermal camera, LIDAR, video camera or a reservoir with pump and sprayer to use in agriculture.

Anybody interested in doing something like this? Could anybody design a coaxial rotor system, swash plate and rotor head? Avionics? Navigation?