First Robotics Help

Created by Howard Bartlett on 19 October, 2018

Recently I was involved with getting our team using SolidWorks for design. Only three students had their own computers capable of running SolidWorks and two of them were desktop computers. The school would not install SolidWorks on the computers in the school drafting class room where they were teaching Inventor and AutoCAD because of the EULA attached to the SolidWorks licenses restricting it to only student owned computers.

I pointed out to SW in a registered mailed letter that this essentially says they are only supporting teams in areas where students are wealthy enough to own powerful computers that can run SolidWorks. I got a positive response that gave us permission to install for team use only on school computers. If you are having this problem you can reach out to me at and will give you what you need to get past this roadblock.

You may be wondering why SolidWorks and not Inventor. Simple economics for students. SolidWorks owns a MUCH larger share of the market in the North East and students have a better chance of finding a job with SW on their resume. I also use SW everyday and since I wanted students to use it the same way with a shared library on GrabCad I didn't want conflicts with what the Inventor teacher was teaching.