Created by GYANJEET RAJ on 14 August, 2018

Cad-Cam, Technical 3D Drawing, Document Tracking, In-workshop technical support

Hello, I'm Çağın, a technical drawer who has been actively using the Solidworks program for more than 10 years. I specialize in technical drawing reading, parts drawing and 3D modeling.

 I can provide service on Metal Injection Mold Design. First, I make all the checks on the 3D data you have, according to the technical drawing. If desired, I allow you to make a presentation with a 3D PDF file.

 When you come up with an idea in mind, I can work together to help you create 3D data for the product you want. I can serve the subject of Surface and Solid modeling, 3D part design. I can prepare technical documents that can manage manufacturing step by step. After product design, I am competent in creating a photorealistic (Render) look. I can offer service in modeling any mechanism and preparing short animations. Using Solidworks' sheet metal module, I can create cabinets or similar designs and prepare dxf files for laser cutting.

I can also help you with the design and production of products that can be produced with 3d printer printing.

Molding father profession and Haydarpaşa Industrial Vocational High School

I graduated from the mold making department, I have experience in mold design.

I drew mostly Aluminum injection molds. Separating the mold

I can create technical drawings of what will happen and mold elements for production.

First, I make all the controls of the 3D data you have according to the technical drawing,

If it is a drawing that cannot be removed from the mold, making it to be molded

We create the process with our mutual meeting, then stay and remove the separation line and

I create the mold female and male in 3D environment. I extract and file the technical drawing of each element of the mold separately.

If desired, I allow you to make a presentation with a 3D pdf file.

Injection molding is a serious business. For the mold to have a long life and to work efficiently,

It is very important that it is designed correctly. Working with someone who is experienced and reliable

I'm ready to bid if you want.

I have been using solidworks in 3D modeling for a long time. Generally mold design

I did, but sometimes I drew products and created detailed technical drawings.

I can also create photorealistic images.

If you want to work on a project basis, you can work with me.

For more than 15 years, I have designed metal injection molds using the SolidWorks program.

Afterwards, I have been designing machines for more than 3 years in a company that produces mining and concrete pumping machines.

I specialize in technical drawing reading, part drawing and 3D modeling. Laser and plasma

I have a good command of creating cut lists, designing sheet metal or surface parts.

Prepare the technical documents that can manage the production and send them to the welder and CNC operator.

I can describe it and have it manufactured, I can work in harmony with teamwork.

Photorealistic product in surface modeling and solid modeling for product design

I am good at outputting the (render) view. Any mechanism

I can also work competently in modeling and animation.

I can also assist you in realizing a design you have in mind that can be produced with 3D printer printing.

I have good command of machining and chipless manufacturing processes.

We can prepare professional animations and realistic rendered images that may be required for the visual presentation of your product. You can post them on your website.

or you can use it for any promotional purposes