GrabCAD Community User Group

Created by Anna Skopenko on 10 January, 2018

I was paging thru all of the great upload masters with more than 100 models and there are over 350 users !! There are (29) users with over 200 models and there are (58) users with over 250 models.

This is really good that great and talented people are involved, but also shows that the uploader badge needs to be improved by scaling up and eliminating the ridiculous single uploader badge. Anyone can upload any junk and automatically get a badge for their 'first' upload.

The badge award system needs revamping and needs to award the users who contributed so much by over-achieving and more than doubling the maximum of 100 models.

This could be a single isolated badge of KING UPLOADER or any other title you would like to give it.

I think that the badge should be a very prestigious design that gives an nod to those who have really put a lot of energy into helping make your site what it is today.

I think that the minimum should be at least 200 models, but 250 models would also be acceptable.

Since there are extremely few that have uploaded over 500 models (like 4 people worldwide), you may even want to consider creating an even higher badge like SUPREME CAD BEING OVER ALL THEY SURVEY for these folks as well. :-D