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Created by Anna Skopenko on 10 January, 2018

Can you block certain members ? If not why not !

Certain members I am quite sure are making an account with no other intention than to download and steal and manufacture other peoples work.
Why is there not an option for real users to block these people ?

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Blocking a member would do nothing to prevent theft. The blocked member could just make another account, and try again.

Members should have some control over the comments on their pages, but for now it is left to staff members to remove unwanted posts.

Moderators of groups have the ability to delete posts. Moderators can also set their Groups to require approval before people can join.

Anyone posting Intellectual Property on a public website should not be surprised to discover it was "stolen".

Hi Jason,
I completly understand what you're talking about. The problem is, that most of them are not stealing others work, since this is a free plattform. So downloading models is of course allowed.
There is a bundle of accounts who upload foreign models - Here you have the possibility to report the members. The GrabCAD staff does a very good job und I made very good experience with reporting members, it is very uncomplicated and fast.
At the moment I don't see other possibilities to protect your personal work than not uploading it.


Hello Alex,
I have no issue with people downloading however I do have issue with people stealing intellectual property and then manufacturing it without consent.
My question is why do users not have control over regulating their own comments sections on their own models and or groups ?
Why do users not have the ability to block members from their own comments sections on their own models and or groups ?
Why must users report to staff members for this. Why shouldn't users have the ability to police their own accounts, comments sections on their own models and or groups ?

that would be great or a request for download would be nice as well Right now someone has my mega man blaster up on their site for sale but the have it listed as United states smart bomb which you know is very unsettling!

If you want, need or expect any protection toward your designs, do not upload them to GrabCAD. This is the equivalent of a royaly-free stock image sit where contributors release any/all copyright claims they may have by the simple process of clicking upload. There are sites around where you can make designs available for sale and as a first barrier that can work but after sale, designs can then be exploited as if they are free anyway.