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Created by Emma Kaloupek on 6 June, 2018

how to get the job in designing?

my self c Yogesh I completed my and diploma in automobile engineering. with 70% in both and diploma and I know the CATIA, Solidworks, Creo, Ansys software. I tried to get the job of designing but no use, please help me to get the job in designing.

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Hey Yogesh,

I am a student currently so I won't be able to help much. But I would recommend organizing your resume a bit. I took a Co-op class and they told us if the resume isn't organized and nice, people don't even look at it.
Also, find companies that you are interested in and reach out to them by emailing, calling and in-person. You gotta show them you care.

As a former hiring manager...

Size matters. You don't have any work experience so your resume shouldn't exceed one page.

Readability matters. This isn't going to get graded (The real reason academic papers are double spaced is to allow for markup in grading). Double spacing wastes space without adding readability (read any double spaced books lately?). Drop back to single space, or at most 1 1/2 space, and use the result to add margins and padding between sections.

Time matters. You have at best no more than 2 minutes to get past the initial read into the "further consideration" stack. Keep sentences and bullet points short and to the point.

Organization matters. State your objective up front, not the bottom quarter. And skip the flowery wording. You are seeking an entry level position in mechanical design and/or engineering, not self actualization. A hiring manager needs to know why they should continue reading. Since you're starting out, your skill set is the next important thing. Engineering is a team sport. Be sure to point out any team experience you have.

Spelling and grammar count. Engineering is about attention to detail. Nothing shouts lack of attention to detail like incorrect spelling and grammar. You want them to spend more time on your resume, but not because they are having a hard time reading it.

The mission of the resume is to get an interview. It's a marketing brochure, not a biography. Tease instead if doing an info dump. You only need to put in enough to get them to think "we need to talk to this person." Also, given the power of word processing, consider targeting the specific company or position.

Do your homework. Know what the company makes and their market. Find the name of the hiring manager if you can. Use that knowledge to tailor a cover letter (2-3 short paragraphs) outlining how what you know can be used to help the company further their mission. Then tailor your resume to reinforce the cover letter.