Created by Quentin Plisson on 16 June, 2022

Hello to all of you,

First topic on this freshly created group: a showcase for all solar ovens, of any type, that you can find on GrabCAD!

A "showcase" is a thread where everyone can share creations in the given theme. In future, we could make showcases by basic need (e.g. washing, cooking, moving) by theme (e.g. agriculture, habitat, energy) or by technologies (e.g. pedal washing machine, wind turbines, Rocket Stove). In addition to promoting creations, the group could act as a database to link to 3D models of low-tech.

Here is the solar oven of Bailly, it is an easy to build "box" model: https://grabcad.com/library/four-solaire-1

By hanging out on GrabCAD we should be able to find other solar oven models. Feel free to share them here, especially if they are your own creations! On my side I started to work on a solar oven that I will show you here soon.