Reverse Engineering

Created by sathishkumar muthu on 1 October, 2018

Hi there.

First I wanna thanks PETOI team for bringing such great stuff.

NyBoard & software are really powerfull and efficient.

I still don't own my bittle but I designed many Quadruped robots and studied crawlers gait those past years.

This is renderings of my Bittle reverse engineering model completed this week (based on PETOI pictures, videos and any information I could grab about this great robot)

This model is quite complete and accurate. It's powered by a protoype board of my own and uses EMAX 12g sevos.

It's not the "easyprintable" version i'm working on but a real study of PETOI's work.

I will also deliver an extended version : powerfull, bigger, 3DOF legs... In the next coming weeks.

In my point of view, PETOI should develop a "PRO" version and present this amazing job more like a powerfull, research and educative crawler (and less than a toy).

Hope you'll enjoy those renderings. (CAD model will be available in the next coming days)

Full desing without Electronics & Battery.

This first step of reverse engineering allowed me to understand the Bittle project woch is really much more than a toy.

Good ideas, astucious mechanical choices...

I'll try to go further, and provide a URDF. Not looking for a massive evolution of Bittle, but a just more robust (keeping a kind of PETOI's elastic joints), accurate and a little more "massive",... Code name PHOEBE ;)