Created by Grabby The Bot on 27 April, 2018

Elevator Platform for Robot

Creating a robot. 12 volt Linear actuator 6" throw. Want to elevate platform from ground to about 36 in. Platform to have a camera and microphone. Control by Raspberry Pi.
Need to know how many and how long the scissors would need to be to raise platform. 3D printed rails very light. Camera is a Raspberry pi cam, also very light. Directional mic is very small and light. Small LED light bank is light.
Base will be about 24" x 24". Large battery and motors for each wheel. Need to control via Wifi. To be used in Teleconferencing to move around the audience. Also would like to incorporate GPS so I can track location of robot in relation to pre-acquired floor plan. May add small HDMI LED screen so the person talking can see me from the other end of the teleconference.
Any suggestions as to other projects you may be aware of would be much appreciated.