UE4CAD - CAD in the Unreal Engine

Created by Tommy Mueller on 20 August, 2019

Technology has changed. Real-time rendering is where you need to take your CAD data, and you need to get rid of those frame-by-frame software rendering apps and costly render farms. For me personally, I use KeyShot only for previewing my SolidWorks creations, or I use it as an OBJ converter. I would never render again in KeyShot when I can just pop it into Unreal Engine do amazing things with my CAD, and my clients CAD!

If you want to take your CAD rendering to the next level, consider using the Unreal Engine. If you want realism or stylized appearances it can all be accomplished using the Unreal Engine. If you need deferred shading, global illumination, lit transparency, post-processing effects, and even particle simulations, start getting into the Unreal Engine today!

Feel free to ask me anything here or begin your own research into what rendering in the Unreal Engine can do for you!

Can your rendering app do this?

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