UE4CAD - CAD in the Unreal Engine

Created by Tommy Mueller on 20 August, 2019

Each and every month Epic partners with Unreal Engine Marketplace creators to release plugin content for your Unreal Engine projects, and this month there’s $320 of free plugin content to extend your CAD projects!

Maybe you’ve made that perfect sword using CAD, why not bring it into UE4 and put it into the hands of a Swordsman for some close combat!

Close Combat: Swordsman

Or maybe your UE4CAD project has a playable character, and this plugin will help your character look more fluid as it transitions from walking, running, and leaping within your CAD created environment.

Dynamic Locomotion + Blueprints

How about a Multi-Save feature? Works just like you think it would and allows you to save progress within your running UE4 application and reload those saves on demand.

Easy Multi Save

Nothing catching your eye yet? Try the flowers and plants nature pack includes more than 140 plant species, 760 high quality static meshes that contain 648 flowers and plants, 28 vegetable spline elements, and 84 environment models.

Flowers and Plants Nature Pack

Perhaps you have several levels that make up your application, like an architectural walk-thru you’ve created in your favorite CAD software. Seamlessly loading those levels can look too simple, and this plugin will let you customize the transition between the loads with a variety of solutions; even playable minigames!

Loading Screen System

To receive the free content, just log into your Epic games account, add to cart, and checkout!