Weekly Challenge Group

Created by Arin Swadi on 30 August, 2021

What if...

... in addition to the part modeling challenges (which are very interesting) if we thought, from time to time, other types of challenges? such as:

1) of "design" for a certain desired useful effect (design being understood as the logical resolution of a problem and not just the modeling of solutions in CADD)

2) "optimization" of mechanisms (construction, assembly, maintenance, weight, resistance, aesthetics, etc. or any other that we can achieve)

3) "teamwork" where we propose to solve a problem and demonstrate our ability to self-manage, generate and evaluate ideas and, above all, complement personal skills.

This post is to know your opinion. I am not posing any particular challenge and, even less, trying to change or undermine the original spirit of this group. What motivates me is the curiosity to see if we are capable of complementing each other to achieve higher objectives, shortening any geographical or psychological distance that separates us! Do you think the creation and publication of group models would have some positive impact, whose origin and evolution can be seen/criticized/learned through our successive posts and debates?

2 Answers

This could be fun and productive. I am in. Do you have any projects in the pipeline that we can work on?

Im in