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Created by ESAN on 26 April, 2018

I have old drawings that I am trying to edit with updated software and I'm having trouble making the changes/

The old drawings I am trying to update have been altered over the years and I am not able to make the changes I need. For instance, when I try and change or delete the cross hatching it will completely delete boundary lines or randomly cross hatch different parts of the drawings. It is almost as the old drawings are corrupt and the new software settings are unable to alter them.

2 Answer

The old drawings are not necessarily corrupt. Former releases of AutoCAD had very poor cross hatching functionality.

As a quick (and very dirty) workaround you could try to explode the crosshatches.

As AnMay, told you, the management of hatches having evolved, you can try to destroy your hatches (either by exploding them beforehand, or directly by deleting them if they no longer have a link with the demarcation lines), then you modify your boundary lines according to your wishes, then you join these lines (with the "join" command), this makes them polylines, so you will be sure that your new hatches that you are going to create are well inserted in closed shapes and they will no longer overflow, so they will be compatible with your current version of AutoCAD.