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Created by Anna Skopenko on 10 January, 2018

Hello GrabCAD Community,

This year we are going to be adding some exciting new improvements to the GrabCAD Community, we are starting off with a new Badge system. This new Badge system will replace many of our manual badges of the past with automated badges. This new Badge system will also allow you to level up your badges by taking additional actions in the Community.

As our new Badge system rolls out, we wanted to make ensure that you - as one of our most active users – know what we're changing.

Our first badge that we are adding that utilizes this new leveling system will replace the Active Uploader Badge and the Share Master Badge to create a new badge, the Upload Master Badge.

This Upload Master badge is a level based badge and will have 5 levels, each with a new design to help show off to the rest of the Community. You increase your level of your Upload Master Badge by uploading more models into the GrabCAD Community.

Please let me know your thought and I hope you enjoy our new badge! There will be future badges this year that follow this leveling system so be on the lookout for more updates.



GrabCAD Community Manager


Whoever didn’t get the badge yet should upload something for the awarding to take place on your Account.