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Created by Usman Akhtar on 7 March, 2018

Soildworks Certifications

Dear Every one
I hope my question find every one
I look to tack exams that's on mechanical design, I hope to find any material that focuses on this field? and look for any recommendations?

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Hello bro ..
I'm Ahmed Elprince CSWP & CSWPA-MM Certified from SOLIDWORKS..
1st thing you must be prepared before taking the CSWA or CSWP Mechanical design Exams..
or any exam
I mean you must 1st spent some
of your time with the software..
then after that you can start taking a look at the sample exams..
it will be very useful..
you will find many persons describing them on YouTube..
after understanding the idea ..
you should try solving an exam by yourself from tangix (SW Exam app)
that'svery helpful to let you know the time is enough to you or not..
if you need anything after doing this steps you can ask me!